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LRC Race Report: Ponteland Junior Head of the River

By Lakeland Rowing Club, Mar 19 2016 09:00PM

LRC J16 4+ at Ponteland Head. Photo courtesy of Al Johnston.
LRC J16 4+ at Ponteland Head. Photo courtesy of Al Johnston.

We arrived at a very modern clubhouse on the edge of the River Tyne. David showed us the boat we were going to be borrowing and we at once moved it onto the tressels to adjust the boat to our likings.

After a pre-race debrief from David we headed out and launched ourselves from the shore. We lightly paddled up to the start; because of a helpful scout around by a parent before the race we knew where the holding area for the race was and Cox Catherine Spedding manoeuvred us into the right position into the growing queue of boats.

Just before we started the race three’s foot plate completely came off the stretcher! Stroke came to the rescue though, fully turning himself around and fixing the top two bolts into the stretcher not able to fix the third.

Then we rowed round, taking our place in the race. Once we passed the marshalling boat we set off at full pace, swiftly followed by a boys QEHS team who were well trained and had lots more experience than our crew. After being overtaken by the QEHS crew we settled down into a rhythm.

Instructed by our Cox we put on a last burst of pace which disturbed QEHS’ timing and we gained on the crew but never caught with them.

After congratulating surrounding crews we paddled lightly back to the start, but also conscience of keeping it neat. Guided precisely by our Cox we landed and brought the boat back to the tressels.

After many congratulations from parents and numerous photographs we made our way inside for a debrief and some well earned chips!

Crew: J16 4+ = Robert Spedding (bow), Ben Holmes (2), Tom Suddaby (3), Tom Hind (stroke), Catherine Spedding

Race report written by Robert Spedding.

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