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Commences Saturday 1st April 2017

  • 1st April

  • 8th April

  • 15th April

  • 22nd April

  • 29th April

  • 6th May

Group 1 session = 9am – 11am

Group 2 session = 11am – 1pm




Commences Saturday 27th May 2017

  • 27th May

  • 3rd June

  • 10th June

  • 17th June

  • 24th June

  • 1st July

Session = 11am – 1pm




Commences Saturday 22nd July 2017

  • 22nd July

  • 29th July

  • 5th August

  • 12th August

  • 19th August

  • 26th August

Session = 11am – 1pm



8 people per group

Learn to Row Course Dates


What do you think of when you think of rowing?


The pain on the faces of the guys and gals at the end of the Oxford/Cambridge boat race and how exhilarating it looks?

Learn to Row is a British Rowing affiliated course, aimed at bringing you from complete novice, to aspiring rower.  Run over 6 weeks, the course takes you through all the basic techniques of rowing,


Cost: £50 per person



Learn to Row courses are designed for complete beginners and are run over a course of six consecutive weeks, for two hours per week.


The course adopts a progressive learning approach with our experienced rowing coaches teaching you key boat handling skills, rowing technique as well as navigational knowledge, and ensuring you develop your ability as a rower whilst also having fun.


The goal by the end of the course is to be able to competently row in a crew boat of four people, and be able to successfully navigate Derwentwater and join our current members out on the lake. We'll then help you progress your rowing to suit your goals - be they recreational or competitive.


You'll stay with the same group throughout the sessions so you can build skill together.

Each group is made up of eight people.


Regrettably the course is only open to people aged 18 and upwards. We offer junior learn to row programmes through both Cockermouth and Keswick School, please contact the PE department direct for school learn to row enquiries.


Please choose from the list of start dates below and book this course online:


Saturday 1st April 2017 - Group 1 session - 09.00-11.00 - SOLD OUT

Saturday 1st April 2017 - Group 2 session - 11.00-13.00 - SOLD OUT


Saturday 27th May 2017 - Session - 11.00-13.00  - SOLD OUT


Saturday 22nd July 2017- Session - 11.00-13.00 - SOLD OUT

Or how perfect Derwentwater look and that you want to get out there and enjoy it?

Redgrave and Pinsent in perfect harmony in Atlanta making something so tough look easy?

Sign up for a Learn to Row Course on Derwentwater

Health and Safety:

LRC-stable-quad-rowing 10511659_1537482473135172_4093609769991607145_o 10700261_1525554117661341_5525879898800250211_o

Whatever you think of rowing - we hope you think of rowing with us.

For new rowers, you'll start with our six-week Learn to Row course.

The Course

Anyone can take up rowing but it's important for your instructor to be aware of anything which might affect you during the course. There are two main things which you should consider before you take to the water:


Can you swim?

Prior to starting the course you will need to confirm that you can swim 100 metres in light clothing, if you have any concerns regarding this, please get in touch with us to discuss the matter. It may be that you will need  to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) which would support you in the event that you end up in the water.


Do you have any health concerns?

If you do, firstly have a word with your docto who will be able to advise you. Secondly you can speak in confidence to the Club's Welfare Officer, Nick Cowan, who will be able to discuss your situation and communicate an y necessary information to the Instructors to enable you to participate safely.