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We regularly use rowing machines, often referred to as Ergos, as part of our training regime to help increase strength and stamina, and as an aid to help to keep fitness levels up during the winter months, when there are fewer opportunites to get out on the water.


The Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine is recognized by competitive rowers as the standard for indoor training, it offers an effective cardiovascular workout that will increase your fitness level and tone physique.


Indoor rowing is the perfect exercise for people of all body types and fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes.


The Catch


  • Arms are straight; head is neutral; shoulders are level and not hunched.

  • Upper body is leaning forward from the hips with the shouldersin front of the hips.

  • Shins are vertical, or as close to vertical as is comfortable for you. Shins should not move beyond perpendicular.

  • Heels may lift as needed.


The Drive


  • Start the drive by pressing with your legs, and then swing the back through the vertical position before finally adding the arm pull.

  • Hands move in a straight line to and from the flywheel.

  • Shoulders remain low and relaxed.


The Finish


  • Upper body is leaning back slightly, using good support fromthe core muscles.

  • Legs are extended and handle is held lightly below your ribs.

  • Shoulders should be low with wrists and grip relaxed. Wrists should be flat.


The Recovery


  • Extend your arms until they straighten before leaning from the hips towards the flywheel.

  • Once your hands have cleared your knees, allow your knees to bend and gradually slide the seat forward on the monorail.

  • For your next stroke, return to the catch position with shoulders relaxed and shins vertical.